Sheikh e Taareqath Allama Moulana Sayed Tanveer Hashmi belongs to a very Highly Educated & Pious Ahle bait Family Of Qutub Ul Aktab Sayedina Hazrath Hashampeer Dastagir (rehmatul alle ) Bijapur Karnataka INDIA.

Hazrath Hashimpeer is Nephew of Qutub E Gujarat Hazrath Wajihuddin Alvi Al Shuttari (R.H.)

He started studies at school along with Islamic studies (Shaireyath & Taareqath) under his Peer O Murshid Sajjada Nasheen Hazrath Sayed Abdulla Husssaini r.h.

He got khilafath at very young age and joined Islamic School and Became Fazil e Barelli .

He started giving Speeches Locally in Karnataka &Neighbouring States then in various states of India And Abroad also.

He is Founder President Al Hashmi Educational & Welfare Trust (Estd 1995) which is running various Institutions
1-Jamia hashmi at Bijapur ,Boarding Madrasa for boys with all facilities for free.

2- Jamia Al Batul ,Day Schooling for girls’ and proposed to build A hostel with fullfledged facilities.

3-Wisdom School of India .

4-Darul Uloom Hashampeer Dharwad.

5-Darul Uloom Wajihuddin Kudgi


Very Good News:

All persons who are in search of Kamil Sheikh,Mentor,Peer O Murshid ,here is the very Good Opportunity to take Bait on Hands of Young,Dynamic,Visionary ,bright shining start from Family of Alhe Bait Sayed o Sadaath Qutub ul Aktab Sayedina Hazrath Hashampeer Dastagir r.h. Al.Qadri Al Shuttari Bijapur Karnataka India.

Sheikh e Taareqath Allama Moulana Hazrath Sayed Muhammad Tanveer Hashmi has Khilafath from His Uncle Hazrath Abdulla Husssaini Al Qadri Al Shuttari,Sajjada Nasheen Astana E Aaliya Qadriya Qutub e Deccan Hazrath Sayedina Hashampeer Dastagir R.H.

He is also got special Faizan From Darbar e Ghous e Azam Sheikh Hazrath Sayed Abdul Qadir Gheelani Al Baghdadi (R.H.)

He received Khilafath from His Holiness Sayed Ahmed Zafar Gheelani Al Baghdadi on his recent tour of Iraq.

He is 17th wasate from the Grand Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qadir Gheelani R.H. is the golden spiritual Chain of Silsila.

We will update more on Silsila e Shuttariya Silsila E Qadriya .

3 thoughts on “Silsila

    bandahashmi said:
    December 5, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    salaam …………….bhai carry on you r doing very good one i duwa to Allah spred this sms to all

    ashfaq hashmi said:
    December 28, 2012 at 6:50 am

    u r doing very good job cary on thanks

    Tahir qadari said:
    June 8, 2014 at 9:21 am

    Silsila qadari

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